When I picked up that camera, though, my inner artist and people-lover sighed with great and joyous relief - I had found my purpose and my calling. 

If you really, REALLY want to know more about my story, you can read more about me here.

I wish I had a story about how someone (a benevolent but aloof grandmother, perhaps) gifted me a camera when I was seven, and I never looked back. But that’s not what happened;

I stumbled into photography as a second career.

But, what I really want to focus on here is YOU.

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I will take the best photos of you and your kiddos that you have ever seen. 

If you’re here to see what the buzz is about and why you should choose me as your photog, it’s simple—

Have you ever had your photos taken by someone who didn’t know a thing about your family except what you showed up looking like that day? The photos were okay but lacking something that you just couldn’t put a finger on. You’ve seen gorgeous imagery online and as much as you don’t want to fall into that trap you end up feeling less than - that maybe your family is not creative enough, beautiful enough, Pinterest-worthy enough, not “fill in the blank” enough. Maybe you know all of this to be true for your family but have given up on the idea of having photos that actually reflect it. I’ve been there, and I’m here to tell you none of it is true. Your family is inherently beautiful, unique, worthy, AND deserving of imagery that reflects that inside and out and all the freaking way through. And I’m going to show you. I am passionate about my families feeling + seeing their inside & out beauty, through the imagery we create together. For me, it’s not about the photos. It’s about SEEING and having you be truly SEEN.

It’s about
showing who you are,
what you look like.

not just

My first, true love is painting, and I hand-paint all the backdrops I use for my photography sessions. This level of attention to every artistic detail shines through your photographs, making them true, heartfelt, unique works of art!

I create artistic settings.

Explore the client wardrobe

 I have a full client wardrobe available for my mamas and kiddos. Some clients love planning and choosing their outfits for our session. And other clients feel overwhelmed or “stuck” with their own clothing options. Either way, I am here for you! I can help you to coordinate your family’s outfits, and/or you can opt to wear items from my collection. I offer a variety of styles and sizes, and I am constantly adding new pieces to my client wardrobe. I LOVE finding exquisite new wardrobe items—I love it so much that I even use the wardrobe for my own family’s sessions

I offer wardrobe services.

When you receive your photos, I want you to be flooded with wonderful, genuine memories from our photography experience together. If you are stressed during your session, not only will it reflect in your photographs, but you’ll be reminded of those feelings whenever you look at the images. I work hard to create a setting where your beautiful moments with your family naturally shine. Let me worry about the details so you can focus on enjoying your family’s time in front of the camera. 

I create experiences, not just photos.

I am a low-volume photographer by design. This means I get to spend more time and invest more of my energy into YOUR session. From the consultation to concept to shoot and beyond, I’m all yours. I love this process, and I offer a full-service experience so that you can unplug and enjoy the moment with your family. I do all the work and obsess over the details so that you don’t have to. 

I am yours

more about each session type

I offer on-location, in-home, and in-studio sessions. If you want an outdoor sunset session with your family, I have the best location ideas up my sleeve. If you want your newborn photographed at home, I’m your girl. If you are looking for an in-studio experience, you’re in luck; I have a fabulous, historic, light-filled, 4,000-square-foot dream studio

I am flexible

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